Mission Statement:

The Perinatal Comfort Care Program was created to provide a nurturing and safe place for families as they navigate the path following a fatal diagnosis that will likely result in a preborn or newborn death. Our desire is to provide practical guidance, education and compassionate support as plans to honor the life of the baby, while seeking to relieve the emotional suffering and preserving the dignity and integrity of the family.

What we provide to our families

  • Your care can be organized by a Labor and Delivery registered Nurse with experience in Perinatal Loss.
  • Serving as a liaison between the medical community by coordinating care with Perinatoligist, Neonatologist, Obstetrician, Labor and delivery and Clergy
  • Offer suggestions in creating a birth plan that will express your wishes for your care as well as your baby
  • 24 hour access to a Perinatal support team member
  • Provide parent partner referrals for additional emotional support
  • Help in creating ways to celebrate the birth with the collection and preservation of keepsakes prior to and after the baby’s birth
  • Supporting the needs of the baby and family while hospitalized. At the parents request ,attend delivery and serve as an advocate for the family.
  • Assist with advance planning of funeral or memorial services
  • Provide bereavement support for the family and other loved ones through resources and referrals
  • Ongoing follow-up and grief support for up to a year after delivery

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